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Discover The Wonders Of Pearl’s Trustmark Park| La Quinta

Trustmark Park stands as a true gem in the heart of Pearl, Mississippi, offering a unique blend of entertainment, sports, and community engagement. This sprawling, modern sports complex and entertainment venue has earned its reputation as a hub for family-friendly fun, baseball excitement, and unforgettable memories. If you’re in Pearl, we recommend you book the best room booking in Pearl, MS, at La Quinta and enjoy the wonders of Trustmark Park.    

Trustmark Park: The Crowd Puller Home Of The Mississippi Braves

Trustmark Park has pulled the largest season crowd and regular crowds in the park’s history as follows: 

Greatest Regular Season Crowds 

Greatest Crowds In Trustmark Park’s History 

1. August 12, 2006- 7,652 vs. Huntsville 

2. August 11, 2006- 7,577 vs. Huntsville 

3. July 3, 2014- 7,365 vs. Huntsville 

4. August 25, 2012- 7,227 vs. Pensacola 

5. July 4, 2012- 7,093 vs. Jackson 4-2, JXN 

1. April 26, 2016= 8,542 - Governor’s Cup 

2. April 25, 2017= 8,536 - Governor’s Cup 

3. April 24, 2018= 8,505 - Governor’s Cup 

4. April 22, 2014= 8,496 - Governor’s Cup 

5. April 9, 2013= 8,240 - Governor’s Cup 


All About The Mississippi Braves’ Home 

Trustmark Park was part of a grander vision for the area's growth. Opening its gates on April 18, 2005, the park was meticulously planned to deliver a state-of-the-art sports and entertainment facility catering to the city of Pearl and the surrounding communities. It has since become a symbol of this vision's successful realization. The inauguration took Mississippi losing to Montgomery (11-6). It has since exceeded these expectations and emerged as a critical component of Mississippi's cultural landscape. 

Seating Capacity And Field Dimensions 

Trustmark Park boasts excellent facilities and amenities that make it a standout in the world of minor-league baseball. The stadium features comfortable seating with a capacity for thousands of fans, ensuring that everyone can enjoy an unobstructed view of the game. 

Seating Capacity 

Seating Arrangement 

  • Trustmark Park accommodates 8,480 visitors, placing third in total seating capacity among Southern League stadiums.  

  • Every seat within the seating area is equipped with a chair back, armrest, and cup holders, enhancing the fan experience. 

  • Trustmark Park features a two-level seating arrangement connected by a wrap-around concourse.  

  • The Diamond, Field, and General Admission (GA) Level seats are positioned below the concourse, while the Suite Level offers 21 luxury suites, allowing fans to customize their experience.  

  • Fans can also opt for "picnic-style" seating on the berm beyond the left-center field wall for a unique twist. 


The field measurements at Trustmark Park are as follows:  

  • 335 feet down the left-field line 
  • 402 feet to center field 
  • 332 feet down the right-field line 
  • The power alleys extend to 380 feet in the left-center field 
  • 385 feet in the right-center field 

The camaraderie among fans and the electrifying atmosphere during a game transform every visit to the park into an unforgettable experience. If you get your room reservation at La Quinta Inn and Suites, you can experience Trustmark Park’s charm firsthand.  

Diddly The Mascot 

The M-Braves prioritize fan enjoyment, and their lively new mascot embodies that spirit. Diddly, a character with a bat that transforms into a guitar, is musically talented and spreads infectious enthusiasm.   

  • His 2022 debut was met with great excitement.   
  • Eating, entertaining, and watching Braves baseball are among Diddly's cherished pastimes, ensuring that Trustmark Park is always abuzz with excitement when he's in the spotlight.   

You can experience the joys of Diddly the Mascot live after your room booking at La Quinta Inn and Suites. 

State-Of-The-Art Fun Facilities 

You can avail yourself of the best facilities to have fun with family and friends at Trustmark Park. Here are all the entertaining experiences that will make your trip to Trustmark Park memorable: 

Farm Bureau Grill: Situated beyond the right-field wall, the Farm Bureau Grill is a full-service restaurant with a picturesque view of the playing field. It welcomes patrons during games, offering a dining experience combining food and baseball excitement. 

Family Fun Zone: The Family Fun Zone is an engaging area featuring various inflatable and interactive activities designed for children. It includes thrilling attractions like an inflatable slide, a speed pitch cage, and a whiffle ball cage, among other entertaining options, making it an ideal spot for families to enjoy. 

Picnic Pavilion: Located down the third-base line, the Picnic Pavilion is a two-tiered seating area designed for catered events. With a capacity to accommodate up to 325 fans, it's a fantastic choice for those seeking a communal and enjoyable experience during games and special occasions. 

Concession Stands: These offer a variety of delectable treats, from traditional ballpark hotdogs and nachos to more gourmet options. The aroma of fresh popcorn and the sizzle of grilled burgers create an atmosphere that adds to the enjoyment of the game. 

Exploring Beyond the Park 

As you explore Trustmark Park and the surrounding area, you'll discover Pearl offers more than just sports and entertainment. Nearby, you'll find various dining options, shopping centers, and other attractions to complement your visit. 

  • The Outlets of Mississippi, for instance, is a shopping haven with numerous stores featuring well-known brands and unique finds.   
  • After a day at the park, you can indulge in retail therapy or savor a delicious meal at one of the local restaurants.   

You can also book hotels near Trustmark Park, the best option being La Quinta Inn and Suites.  

La Quinta: Your Perfect Ground For A Trip To Trustmark Park 

Trustmark Park in Pearl, Mississippi, is more than just a baseball stadium. It's a vibrant hub of sports, entertainment, and community engagement. Its picturesque setting, modern facilities, and diverse event calendar offer everyone something. As a must-visit destination in the heart of Mississippi, we recommend you book the hotel reservations in Pearl, MS at La Quinta Inn and Suites, and set out to explore your fun and entertaining side. Our hotel is in a prime location, 501 S Pearson Rd, Pearl, Mississippi 39208, and you can contact us at +1 (601) 664-0065 to reserve your rooms with our staff. Further, our cozy accommodation provides regular social media updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.    


1. What To Do If I Lose Something At La Quinta, Pearl Rooms? 

If you lose something at our facility, we have a lost and found box set up at the front desk. Our housekeepers will report anything they find there. We also ask our guests to send anything they find to the front desk so we can try our best to locate the owners. So, you can contact our front desk team if you see or lose something.    

2. How Can I Secure My Valuables At La Quinta Inn And Suites, Pearl?

Our guests can avail themselves of the safe deposit box from the front desk to secure their valuables. Further, our robust security measures keep your items intact and un-infiltrated.  

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